page 1 of 2 Art’s 4 main objectives while marketing your house are:   1. To get as many qualified buyers as possible into your house until it is sold.   2. To communicate the results of my activities weekly to you. 3. To assist you in getting the highest possible dollar for your house, in the                   shortest amount of  time and with the least amount of problems. 4. To constantly look for the best possible methods of exposing your house to               the potential buyers in the market place. ¨ Art will go over Some Tips and Suggest Ways to make your house more marketable to potential buyers. It is extremely important in today's market to have the house in saleable condition as well as being priced right ¨ Art will submit your house to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) within 48 hours of a signed listing contract. All the information will be entered into the main frame computer and broadcast to over 2000 salespeople, whether they work for FIVE STAR, RE/MAX, Greenridge, Prudential Fase, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, or whoever. They will have access to the information and be able to sell your house.. ¨ Art will have a MIDWEST PROPERTES For Sale Sign  placed in the front yard to attract the attention of prospective buyers driving through the area. Some buyers like to drive through the neighborhood that they want to live in looking  for houses for sale. The only way they know what is for sale is if they see our sign. ¨ Art will install a Lock Box on the door ( with your permission ) to allow greater ease of showing your house. A  lock box makes it easier for salespeople to show your house. This again exposes your house to more buyers. Also, the lock box allows you to leave the house prior to the showing. ¨ Art will promote your property to Midwest Properties’ Sales Staff  so that they can tell the buyers their currently working with about your house. ¨ Art will mail, e-mail or fax to you a Copy of the Computer Generated Multiple Listing Sheet  for your approval, corrections or changes. You look it over and if you would like to add, delete or make corrections, you just call Art and he will have them done. ¨ Art will also Promote Your Property To  Other Agents with other companies that Art knows work this area so that they can show the information to potential buyers they may already be working with. ¨ Art will mail Just Listed Cards to your neighbors to inform them that your house is for sale in case they know  someone looking to move into the neighborhood. That way, if someone in the neighborhood knows someone looking to move into the area, they can call that person right away. You never know. It's another marketing technique Art uses to get the word out that your house is for sale. What Art will do for You 2355 BELMONT CENTER DR.  SUITE  104, BELMONT, MI. 49306