¨ Art will have printed a full page Color highlight brochure listing the features and benefits of your house and install a brochure box on the property for buyers to access and for cooperating agents to use with their potential buyers. ¨ Art will Advertise  your house in the Today’s Homes Magazine (with a picture ad) every issue starting with the first available issue until the property is sold. ¨  Art will Advertise your house on REALTOR.com The National Association of REALTORS web site which receives 3 million hits per month. ¨ Art will Advertise your house on the Grand Rapids Association REALTORS web site at:  www.grar.com · Art will Advertise your house on his Personal Web Site at:  www.artmaycroft.com · Art will hold  an Open House every third week. The open house will be advertised in the Grand Rapids Press and also on the GRAR web site. · Art will mail or fax to you a Copy of all Advertisements regarding your house, so you will know when and where it is being advertised. · Art will contact every REALTOR who shows your house for feedback on what their Buyer thought of the property as well as what the REALTOR thought. This information will be reported to you as soon as he obtains it. · Art will contact you when an offer is written on the house and  go over every detail of the offer with you so that you will understand all the implications of the offer and what the offer will do for you. We will also discuss inspections, repairs, closing  date and possession date. · Finally, Art will set a date for the closing to take place. Art will accompany you at the closing to go over all the   paper work and arrange for the disbursement of funds or make the proper arrangements to have the legal papers sent to you for your signatures Three things You need to do on every showing of your house   1.  Make your house as Sharp as you can.   2. Turn on Every Light in the house.                                                          3.  Leave. page 2 of 2 2355 BELMONT CENTER DR.  SUITE  104, BELMONT, MI. 49306