A pet can be a real turn off to potential buyers if they are not kept out of site during the showing. Here are some things a Seller can do if they have a pet: 1. Odors and barking dogs are the 2 biggest turn-offs to potential Buyers.  Pet hair is 3rd.  ( All 3 must be removed). Even some REALTORS who have been chased too many times will refuse to show a house with a loose dog in it. 2. Hide the food and water bowls. 3. Pack up the doggie and cat toys and put away. 4. Vacuum all the carpets, couches and stuffed chairs that collect hair. Sweep the floors. 5. Clean all litter boxes. It’s best if they are not visible. 6. Let the fresh air in. Open the windows 7. Use fresh-smelling candles and air sanitizers if some odors remain. (Just don’t overdo  the candles) 8. If you can’t get the stain and odor out, hire a Pro. (The cost will be worth it) 9. Board or crate animals during all showings and open houses. (Preferably out of the house, at a neighbor’s or a boarding facility). It is no fun showing a house where the dog is constantly barking 10. Repair all the signs of pet damage. Buyers are looking to buy your house. Not your pets. 2355 BELMONT CENTER DR.  SUITE  104, BELMONT, MI. 49306