In the Grand Rapids Real Estate market there are currently over 10,000 houses for sale. One third of them are foreclosed houses (Houses that the bank has taken back from the owner because they defaulted on the payments) and they greatly affect your house’ salability. Fifty percent of all houses sold are foreclosed houses. Banks do not want to be in the house selling business. They want to be in the mortgage business. When a bank owns a house, there is no money coming in. It is just dead equity sitting there. If it were just one or two houses that the bank owned it would b different. But when it is thousands it is really different. The banks are losing money the longer the houses sit there. So they are willing to take a short sale (sell at a loss) and get some of their money back and reinvest it  through mortgages and today’s savvy buyers know this and you should know this too. Bank owned houses are your strongest competition. If you think you can put your house on the market at a high price and it is going to sell, think again because it won’t. If you bought your house in the last 3 years you will be fortunate if you can sell it at what you paid for it. So what do you do if you can’t afford to sell at a loss. You wait until the market turns around. This will probably begin to start to happen in 2012. But you say: I want to move now. Then you have to re-adjust your thinking. You need  to sit down with a smart, market savvy and experienced REALTOR and work the numbers between the house you are selling and the one you would like to buy. That REALTOR can show you every house that is currently on the market in the area you are looking to buy in as well as what houses like yours in your area are selling for. And you need to listen! Because you are going to hear the truth and it probably won’t be what you wanted to hear.. You also have to consider the area you want to buy your next home in. Are there any foreclosed homes in the area your interested in . Do you like any of the foreclosed houses. Why? Because the best buy out there today is a foreclosed house. If not, then consider the other houses in the area because the seller’s of those houses are facing the same situation you are. They are going to have to sell for less. You sell for less you buy for less and the fact that you are probably buying up means you will get a higher appreciation dollar value on your new house. Then there is the question; How do you get your house sold in today’s market. The answer is Simple. You need to do 2 things. 1. Make it sharp (no repairs needed) and 2. Under price it. When your house first appears on the MLS, your main goal is to get all the other Realtors excited and thinking your house is a great buy. If you can get the REALTORS excited, they will get their buyers excited and chances are you will get multiple offers on your house and it will sell for more than the list price and sell quickly. Listing your house under priced is hard to do but in today’s market it is the smart think to do. Remember. Chances are good that you will get your money back on the home you purchase Want to Get Your House Sold Fast. Want Some Good Honest, Solid Advice Call Art Today 2355 BELMONT CENTER DR.  SUITE  104, BELMONT, MI. 49306