Number 1 tip                   BUY NOW!…  It is a Great Time Number 2 tip… Get Pre-APPROVED  before you start seriously looking. Not pre-qualified But PRE-APPROVED. If you are just going to roam through Open Houses , you don’t need to be pre-approved or even pre-qualified. But if you want to get serious about buying or want an Experienced and Knowledgeable REALTOR to work for you. You need to get Pre-APPROVED. Number 3 tip… DO NOT BUY a car, refrigerator, stove or anything major while looking for a house. If you do, it will have a negative affect on your pre-approval. Especially if you buy the item on credit. Buy the item after you close on the  purchase of the house. Number 4 tip… Get INSPECTIONS on any house you buy. It is worth the money even if you don’t get the house. Number 5 tip… Be honest with your REALTOR. Tell him or her where you want to keep your payment (including Taxes and Insurance) Especially if it is less than what your PRE-APPROVED for. Remember. It can’t be more than what your pre-approved for. Number 6 tip… When the decision is made, call your REALTOR right away. Once you make a decision on a house you want to buy… Don’t wait three days before calling your REALTOR to write an offer. The house may have sold to someone else who didn’t wait. Number 7 tip… Work with only one REALTOR. They all have access to the same information and your just going to get duplicate information. Besides that, if the Experienced REALTOR finds out  (and they will ) that your working with two REALTORS, you will only be working with one REALTOR, because the experienced one will drop you. They are serious about the business and don’t have time to play games. Number 8 Tip… Call Art! With interest rates low and the selection of homes high, there are some good deals to be had. It is a Buyer’s market right now. If your serious about buying a home, NOW is a great time!  If you are thinking of Buying a Home in the Grand Rapids Area, Call Art!   No Pressure!   No Obligation! It has to work for You! 40 Years Real Estate Experience Put it to work for You! 2355 BELMONT CENTER DR.  SUITE  104, BELMONT, MI. 49306